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Can you explain all the fees I’m seeing in the order form? 

When creating an order, you will see a few different charges that add to the total amount. The first is the item price, which is the price of the item sold at the retailer of your choice. 

Here’s a breakdown of these charges, as shown in the image below. 

Item cost = this is the cost of the item you are requesting on ShipHaly. 

*If you found this item on sale, you should add a note to your traveler with the coupon code needed to attain the discounted price. 

Service fee = This is a service charge used to cover ShipHaly’s transaction fees and operational costs. 

Applicable taxes = ShipHaly auto-calculates sales tax for US travelers, as this is a required fee for anybody buying an item in the United States. 

*Since your traveler needs to pay this in order to order, receive, pack and deliver your item, we’ve included this in your order total. 

Traveler fee = the amount of money we recommend you pay your traveler for buying and delivering your item.  

*The traveler may request more money if your item is particularly difficult to find or pack. Expect to pay between 15-25% of the item’s total cost.

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