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How do I create an order?

There are three ways to create an order:

1) Find the item you want at any online store (Amazon, eBay, etc.), and press the plus button to auto fill order details 

2) Select an item from the previously ordered items by other shoppers in our explore menu.

3) Manually create an order by typing out the details

We will ask you for details including when you would like your item delivered. ShipHaly auto-calculates the traveler fee and other associated costs like taxes so that you receive delivery offers quickly. Once you have confirmed your order, it will be posted to our Traveler page where travelers can make delivery offers.

Pre-Order Acceptance

- Enter as many details as possible when requesting your item. This will allow prospective travelers to bring your item exactly as requested

  • Ensure there is a photo of your item

  • A link to the item.

  • Ensure the item price is correct

  • Enter a detailed description. Many online links have multiple options (i.e. color, capacity, size, etc). Be detailed enough so that travelers will know exactly what you want. 


- Once your order is placed, potential travelers may reach out to you with questions. You will receive email and push notifications (if enabled) about these messages. Please respond to these messages as soon as possible to give your traveler adequate time and information in order to accept your order. 

Post-Order Acceptance

So a traveler has accepted your offer, Great! It's important to keep your eye out for messages still. For instance, a retail store may run out of stock of your requested item or there may be a slight shipping delay. Your traveler will keep you updated and informed of any updates to your order. Delivery of the item will also be arranged through the ShipHaly chat feature. 

Keep in Mind

  • Traveler & shopper communication is a vital part in making ShipHaly work

  • All messaging should be done through the ShipHaly messenger. This helps ensure that ShipHaly can assist in the event of a dispute (learn more about our Money Back Guarantee here)

  • Please reply to messages from your traveler within 48 hours. Travelers are expected to do the same.

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