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What are my options to collect and pay customs duties?

Paying customs duties and fees is the traveler’s responsibility. We recommend that travelers calculate any duties or customs fees (if applicable) prior to making an offer and include this amount in the proposed traveler fee. 

Customs regulations can be very complex, so be sure to research the laws and requirements of any country that you are visiting, so pay close attention to any limits that you could exceed if the value of everything you are traveling with is combined.


Because customs regulations can be complicated and sometimes unpredictable, some shoppers agree via ShipHaly Messenger to reimburse travelers for customs fees in person upon delivery of the item. When doing so, both traveler and shopper should clearly communicate this agreement prior to delivering the item. Travelers should present shoppers with copies of receipts for duties paid.

Please note that neither shoppers nor ShipHaly are responsible for violations of customs regulations conducted by travelers.

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